8 Ways Africans Can Profit From Cybersecurity In 2022

8 Ways Africans Can Profit From Cybersecurity In 2022  8 Ways Africans Can Profit From Cybersecurity In 2022 cyber 4610993 1280
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8 Ways Africans Can Earn From Cybersecurity In 2022

8 Ways Africans Can Profit From Cybersecurity In 2022  8 Ways Africans Can Profit From Cybersecurity In 2022 cyber 4610993 1280 300x2008 Ways Africans Can Profit From Cybersecurity In 2022 hacker 7192873 1280 300x173

The global cybersecurity industry is growing exponentially and Africa has an opportunity to get on board in 2022 to take advantage of the boom that lies ahead.

As an early entrant into the market, African countries can establish themselves as leaders in the future of this industry and reap the benefits that come with it.

Africa’s potential, combined with its position as a developing region, provides immense room for growth and prosperity for everyone involved.

How will this growth happen? Follow along as we explore the ways in which Africans can earn from cybersecurity in 2022!

1) Become a blogger

Becoming a blogger is one of the easiest ways to start a side hustle that allows you to make money while working full-time.

There are many famous bloggers that only started their blogs in their free time and were able to successfully monetize them, making tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars each month as a result.

Just make sure that your content will cater for your audience and you’ll be fine!

2) Research Africa startups

As security threats continue to expand and evolve, so do opportunities for cybersecurity professionals. The global market for cyber-defense is projected to reach $1 trillion by 2022.

Africa stands to gain a piece of that pie if it mobilizes its talent pool now.

3) Discover and contribute to emerging cyber threats

African entrepreneurs can benefit from Africa’s growing cybersecurity industry by working to find and mitigate new threats.

This is also a potentially good option for future employment, as African nations are becoming increasingly dependent on computer networks, with organizations particularly banks increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks.

With enough of a push, African governments could develop an early-warning system to detect these threats before they become more costly giving cyber companies in other parts of the world time to create defense measures against them.

4) Offer data breach advice

After a hack, an important step is to implement security measures to protect your company and customers.

Remember that you’re going to have multiple stakeholders involved in any breach: customers who have been impacted, law enforcement, your investors (if public), business partners and vendors.

Having good lines of communication with all of these parties will reduce stress and uncertainty over time. So what should companies do immediately after a data breach? Here are some tips

5) Offer digital security services or software

It’s not enough to just tell people about cybersecurity threats. Put your money where your mouth is, so to speak, and offer digital security services or products for sale online.

This could include anything from monitoring users’ device security and vulnerability checks to penetration testing of their own networks.

Building your business around providing these kinds of services will also build credibility with potential clients who are looking for security assistance on an ongoing basis.

6) Monitor digital trends and provide analysis

African governments, businesses and civil society must regularly monitor digital trends to mitigate risks and create opportunities.

African governments can establish public-private partnerships or working groups to undertake detailed analysis of various factors that can influence cybersecurity on a continental scale.

Cyberattacks and data breaches are inevitable, but it is possible to predict future threats by leveraging insights from local situations in sub-Saharan Africa, where most cybercrimes originate.

7) Track, analyze, and report on cybersecurity market developments

For cybersecurity professionals, international expansion is critical. You must ensure that your organization has staff in place that can analyze and report on cybersecurity developments in local markets.

For example, African countries have unique challenges when it comes to threats such as targeted cybercrime, DDoS attacks, and cloud security.

By identifying these challenges and creating solutions for them, you’ll be able to reap rewards in market growth. Watch out for a post later in 2018 on how Africa’s cybersecurity landscape is evolving!

8) Become an expert in information warfare

The most useful skills in cyberwarfare aren’t technical they’re social.

Anyone can buy and use hacking tools, but being able to spot vulnerabilities before your opponents do is what keeps you on top.

Becoming an expert in information warfare will allow you to stay ahead of your enemies in future cybersecurity engagements.

Learn how spy agencies operate, and understand human psychology you’ll be able to spot weaknesses and predict actions that much more easily than someone who focuses purely on tech.


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