84% of teachers failed (GTLE) licensure exams-2023

84% of teachers failed (GTLE) licensure exams-2023
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84% of teachers failed (GTLE) licensure exams-2023.

Only 1,277 of the 7,728 potential instructors who took the license exam last month passed, he claimed.

On Tuesday, June 20, he told the media that the National Teaching Council (NTC) will keep making sure that teachers of the correct caliber remained in the classrooms.

“As a council, I believe it is a concern for the entire country, but the reality is that we need students of the correct caliber in our classrooms and cannot afford to make quality compromises.

Let me further emphasize that the latest examination was just for re-sitters, some of whom had attempted the test five, eight, or ten times and have yet to be successful.

Accordingly, we are currently replacing what we refer to as the traditional Ghana Teacher Licensure test with a new one that has undergone reform.

Therefore, as part of the reforms, we decided that existing candidates were not obliged to write this licensure examination, therefore we only allowed re-sitters, 7,000 people who had previously taken the exam but had failed to do so.

When the findings were revealed, they were identical to the previous records; they were still unable to succeed.

“Some people are just not capable of passing, and I believe they are not suited for the teaching profession; they may excel in other areas, but their aptitude for teaching may fall short, forcing them to focus their efforts elsewhere.

In addition to that, they would need to do more to convince everyone that they are qualified to teach.

Dr. Addai-Poku said when asked whether there was a second chance to retake the exams, “There are two options open to them. They have one chance to write the exam in November, which will be the final opportunity for the traditional licensure examination.

There is still a door available for them if they are unable to pass. The opportunity is that if a person already holds a degree in 2024, they may register and write using the new method.


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