A simple how to wax your snowboard board tutorial

Tutorial on How to Wax Your Snowboard
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A Simple Tutorial on How to Wax Your Snowboard

Snowboard waxing can seem like a daunting task for the new snowboarder, but it’s really not that hard at all.

In fact, it’s really quite simple and only takes a few minutes per board to get it looking brand new again! Follow this how to wax your snowboard tutorial and your board will be shining like new in no time!



Step 1: Gather your materials

You’ll need some wax, a scraper, a heat source and some paper towels. You might also want a friend around.

Step 2: Prepare the board for waxing

Before you can apply wax, your board must be properly prepared. On a daily basis, your snowboard’s base accumulates dirt and gunk that prevent it from sticking to snow.

If you’re a frequent rider, it might not even need any additional preparation. To be sure, clean your board with soap and water or an alcohol wipe before moving on to step

 While you could use dish soap or hand sanitizer, avoid household cleaners as they contain chemicals that could damage your deck.

Step 3: Apply new wax

Before you can glide your way down snowy hills, you need to make sure your board is ready. Make sure your board is free of dirt and debris by running a soft-bristled brush over it.

When brushing dirt off, don’t push too hard as that can scrape up little pieces of rock and sand that are stuck under your snowboard’s base coat.

Step 4: Buff the board, use a hair dryer if you have one.

After applying wax, buff your board with a towel. This will get rid of excess wax and also smooth over any areas that have too much wax.

If you don’t have a hair dryer, use a hair dryer set at high heat. Using direct heat can burn you so make sure to keep it moving, starting from one end of your board and then quickly changing directions when you reach the opposite end. Move in small circles for about two minutes.

Step 5: Hydrate with hot water

This will melt any remaining hard-to-remove wax particles. Pour hot water into a pan or bucket and submerge your board.

As soon as you feel no more scraping or rubbing, take it out of the hot water, and let it air dry completely before putting it away.

When storing snowboards in your garage make sure there is room for them to hang freely so they can dry properly and avoid warping or damaging in any way.

Step 6: Enjoy your fresh wax job!

It’s best to wax your board when it’s cold outside, so that your iron has less work. After you iron out all of your melted wax, take a look at your board.

If you see any deep dings or gouges in it, use a file (as long as they aren’t too big) and sand them down slightly before re-waxing.

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