All SHS students to receive free tablets this year – Dr. Bawumia

All SHS students to receive free tablets this year – Dr. Bawumia
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Dr. Bawumia announces that all SHS students will receive free tablets this year!

In a remarkable announcement, Dr. Bawumia has declared that all Senior High School (SHS) students in Ghana will receive free tablets this year. Government has said it has already awarded the contract for the first batch of Wi-Fi installations to begin in some second cycle and tertiary institutions as part of the project.

This news has sent shockwaves throughout the country, with many people praising Dr. Bawumia for his commitment to supporting educational advancement in the country.

The move is seen as an important step forward in advancing technology and education in Ghana, and it has been warmly welcomed by SHS students, parents, and teachers alike. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Dr.

The announcement

On Wednesday, January 10th, 2023, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, Vice President of Ghana, announced that all Senior High School (SHS) students in Ghana would receive free tablets this year.

This announcement was made at the launch of the Digital Learning Program, which is part of the government’s effort to improve education in the country.

Dr. Bawumia stated that the Digital Learning Program would be implemented in all Senior High Schools across the country and will provide access to educational materials, including textbooks, audio-visual content, and other resources, through the use of technology.

He also emphasized the importance of technology in education, saying that it would enable students to access more information than ever before.

The Vice President also stated that the government has set aside funds for the procurement of tablets for all SHS students in Ghana. The tablets will be preloaded with educational materials so that students can access them even without an internet connection.

This is a major step towards modernizing education in the country and providing students with the tools they need to succeed.

The importance of technology in education

Technology has revolutionized the way we learn, communicate, and do business. From interactive whiteboards to 3D printing and virtual reality, technology is enhancing the learning experience for students in unprecedented ways.

Technology has allowed for a more collaborative approach to teaching, with students able to participate in group projects and have access to interactive learning tools that weren’t available before.

At the same time, it has opened up new ways of learning for those who find it difficult to access traditional educational resources, such as those with physical disabilities or learning difficulties.

Technology can also help level the playing field for students from all backgrounds, allowing them to access the same resources no matter where they are located.

Technology can also make learning more efficient, giving students the ability to access information quickly and accurately. For example, they can look up facts or find solutions to problems without having to wait for a teacher or tutor to help.

Technology can also open up learning opportunities beyond classroom walls, allowing students to explore topics that would normally be out of reach or too expensive to access.
Overall, technology has become an integral part of education and its importance continues to grow.

This new announcement of free tablets for SHS students will open up new opportunities for them to take advantage of the tools that technology can offer and make their learning experience even more enriching and effective.

How this will benefit SHS students

The announcement of free tablets for all SHS students is a major step forward in the advancement of technology in education. With the use of these tablets, students will have access to an immense amount of information and resources at their fingertips.

The tablets will enable them to become more engaged in their studies and better understand the material they are learning. The tablets will also help to reduce the cost of textbooks for students, as well as increase the quality of their educational experience by providing interactive and multimedia-based materials.

Students will be able to watch videos, complete interactive assignments, and access digital libraries with ease. Additionally, with the tablets, students will be able to communicate more easily with their teachers and peers, creating a more collaborative learning environment.

Finally, the tablets will serve as a platform for creative expression and exploration. By having access to tablets, students can explore new topics, create unique projects, and develop their own ideas in the classroom.

This will ultimately lead to deeper understanding of subject matter and increased engagement in school. All in all, the announcement of free tablets for all SHS students is sure to have a positive impact on their learning experience.

By having access to this technology, students will be able to enhance their education and gain a deeper understanding of the material they are studying.

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