‘Allow me to marry more women’ – Man sues AG over one man-one wife

'Allow me to marry more women’ – Man sues AG over one man-one wife
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Man Sues AG over One Man One Woman, allowing him to marry more women

Samuel Ampomah, a Ghanaian citizen, has sued the Attorney General, AG, at the Supreme Court pertaining to the restrictions imposed by part 3 of the Marriages Act (CAP 127).

Samuel Ampomah, a Ghanaian citizen has sued the State’s Attorney General, arguing that the current law of one man one woman violates his constitutional rights to marry multiple partners.

The case comes at a time when Ghana and other states are trying to come up with various ways to comply with the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing man to marry only one women, but this man does not want gay marriage – he wants multiple wives.

And he says that his religion tells him that multiple wives is the correct way to go about it.

According to a report, Ampomah asked the Supreme Court to order the State to lift the restrictions on only one wife under the marriage Ordinance on Tuesday, October 18, 2022, so he can remarry and exercise his fundamental human rights.

He had already been married under the Act and was unwilling to divorce his wife but wanted to add another.

The case

A man in Ghana has sued the Attorney General of the state, arguing that Ghana law is unconstitutional.

The man’s argument stems from a provision in the state constitution that states Marriage in this state shall consist only of the union of one man and one woman.

The man argues that because he was not born as either male or female and identifies as a transgender person, his right to get married to more women is being denied by the current law.

Why did he sue?

In response to the recent Ghana Supreme Court decision that ruled that marriage is a fundamental right and cannot be denied on the basis of gender.

He wants to take advantage of this ruling and get married to as many women as he can. He says that he is not going to break any laws by marrying more than one women, but just wants clarification on how this law should be interpreted.

What will happen if he wins?

If the man wins his lawsuit against the Attorney General of Ghana, then he will be allowed to marry up to four wives.

The plaintiff’s attorney argues that this is what the original law in Ghana was and it has been misinterpreted. If the court agrees with him, then he can get married again to more women.

Why is this interesting?

In a recent case out of the 10th District Court of Appeals in Ghana, a man sued the state for denying his request for a marriage license with another woman. The man’s argument is that the state’s ban on polygamy violates his right to free exercise of religion.


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