Apple Watch review: 1 months with Apple’s smartwatch

Apple Watch review: 1 months with Apple's smartwatch

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Apple Watch review: 1 months with Apple’s smartwatch

Apple Watch Review: How I’ve Gotten Along With Apple’s Smartwatch After One Month

If you’re like me, then you’ve been wondering how well the Apple Watch would work as a stand-alone product since it was announced back in September 2014.

After all, the watch has its own cellular connection, as well as sensors that can measure your heart rate and levels of activity (among other things). Is this enough to get by with?




Is this enough to get by with? How much more convenient is it than just pulling out your iPhone to check the time or your latest notifications?

I decided to find out by wearing an Apple Watch daily for one month and reporting back on my experience. This is what I found.

The top 5 reasons to buy an Apple watch

1. Fitness tracking and activity monitoring 2. Hands-free operation 3. Sends and receives calls 4. Ability to control music on your phone 5. Control other devices in your home (light, garage door, etc.)

The top 3 reasons not to buy an Apple watch

1. Notifications are hit and miss 2. Battery life is far too short 3. The UI is way to complex for its own good

5 things you don’t know about the watch but should

Apple is a company that keeps its cards close to its chest, so it was fun to discover new facts about how you can use your watch.

Here are five things I learned about my watch over just one month of use that I wish someone had told me before buying

4 apps that are must-haves

While you may think that an Apple watch can only be paired with an iPhone, these apps prove you wrong. Make sure to download these apps to your iPhone and pair it with your smartwatch for a truly rich experience.

4 features I never use (and why)

When I reviewed the Apple Watch a few weeks ago, I noted that its ability to detect when you raise your wrist (rather than simply sensing it, as many smartwatches do) was incredibly useful.

A week later, it dawned on me that raising my wrist had become second nature in all sorts of situations;

if a notification came in while I was sitting at my desk or typing on my laptop, for example, glancing at my watch would tell me who sent it without having to dig out my phone.

7 times when it is useful and cool

Although there are a lot of times when it seems to be a useless gadget, there are other times when it really comes in handy.

So here are some of those moments when it would have been very handy to have your smartwatch on you.

This is covered in Apple Watch review: 1 months with Apple’s smartwatch

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