Bank of Ghana to Issue Upgraded Coin on Monday December 12

Bank of Ghana to Issue Upgraded Coin on Monday
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Bank of Ghana to Issue Upgraded Coin on Monday.

On Monday, December 12th, the Bank of Ghana will be issuing its upgraded GH₵1 coin. This is an exciting event as it marks the first time the Bank of Ghana has updated its currency in over a decade.

The new coins are expected to have improved security features that will help to combat counterfeiting and ensure that the currency is more secure.

Furthermore, the coins will feature iconic symbols of Ghana, including the national animal, the antelope, and the national tree, the mahogany. Read on to learn more about the upgraded GH₵1 coin and how it will impact the economy of Ghana.

What are the benefits of the upgraded coin?

The upgraded GH₵1 coin from the Bank of Ghana is set to bring a lot of benefits for Ghanaians. This new coin has improved security features and better resistance to wear and tear, making it harder to counterfeit.

The coin has also been designed to be easier to handle, as its weight and size have been adjusted.
Furthermore, the new coin has a longer lifespan than its predecessor, meaning that Ghanaians will need to replace their coins less often. As a result, this will reduce costs associated with replacing coins.

The Bank of Ghana has also taken great care in creating a coin that is visually appealing, with beautiful national symbols on the face of the coin.

These symbols include Ghana’s coat of arms, historic buildings, and traditional musical instruments.
The introduction of the upgraded GH₵1 coin is a positive step for Ghanaians, as it brings with it multiple benefits for users of the coin.

By introducing a more durable and secure coin, the Bank of Ghana is helping to ensure that Ghanaian citizens can use the currency with greater confidence.

When will the upgraded coin be issued?

The Bank of Ghana has announced that it will be issuing an upgraded Ghana Cedi (GH₵1) coin on Monday, December 12. This upgraded GH₵1 coin is designed to ensure the currency remains in circulation, while simultaneously helping the nation to fight counterfeit coins and protect its citizens from fraudulent activities.

The upgraded GH₵1 coin features new security features such as holograms, micro-texts and raised bumps on both sides of the coin. This is a significant upgrade from the original coin which only had a hologram on one side.

It is expected that these new security features will help to reduce counterfeiting and make it more difficult for fraudsters to produce fake coins.

Additionally, the Bank of Ghana has made a commitment to regularly update and upgrade the GH₵1 coin so that it can remain a reliable source of currency for the people of Ghana.

The upgraded GH₵1 coin will be available at all banks and financial institutions from Monday, December 12.

It is important for Ghanaians to start using the new coin as soon as it is available in order to reduce the amount of counterfeit currency circulating in the country.

How can I get the upgraded coin?

Are you looking to get your hands on the upgraded Bank of Ghana coin? On Monday, December 12, the Bank of Ghana will issue the new coin.

Here are some tips on how to obtain the new coin:

1. Visit a Bank of Ghana branch – The Bank of Ghana has branches located in most major cities across the country. Visit one of these branches to exchange your existing coins for the new coins.

2. Contact your local bank – Many banks across the country will be offering the upgraded coin in exchange for your existing coins. Contact your local bank to find out if they are participating in the coin upgrade program.

3. Check with retailers – If you are making a purchase in person, ask if the retailer is able to offer the upgraded coins in exchange for your existing coins.

4. Exchange existing coins at automated teller machines (ATMs) – ATMs at certain banks may have the upgraded coin available for exchange. This is usually done in batches and is usually available during limited times.

The Bank of Ghana has urged citizens to check with their local financial institutions and retailers to confirm availability of the upgraded coin before exchanging any of their existing coins.

As always, make sure to double check your transactions to ensure you receive the correct amount of money.


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