BECE To Be Taken In October 2022, Tips For Passing

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BECE To Be Taken In October 2022, Tips For Passing

Dear students, we want to share with you some tips that will assist you for the Examination for the BECE 2022. We hope this will help you in gaining more knowledge as well as better results.

Today is April 28, 2022 and I just read an article about the October 2022 BECE. The article reminded me that it has been 10 years since I took my BECE exam.

I was so nervous about that test.

After all, I had to take the test in order to graduate from high school and that test seemed like it was the biggest deal ever!

In order to help students get their own BECE exam preparation started, we have put together this blog on tips for passing your BECE by taking a look back at what helped me pass my test.

I have set up this blog to help you get ready and be prepared when the time comes. this blog will not just be full of links to other info but personal stories of my own discoveries and experiences as I look towards BECE 2022, to help me get through it all.

The results of the examination is based on Continuous Assessment and the external examination. The Continuous Assessment forms 30% whilst the external examination forms 70% of the total assessment.

Head off any panic

I just wanted to head off any panic here.  BECE is simply Basic Education Certificate Examination in Ghana. It will be a print based exam, but not on computers.

The first time it is offered is in October 2022, which means you don’t need to panic just yet. You have some time to prepare and can read my blog (and others) for advice on how to do that and pass well.

Tips for Passing Exams

Most of the students fail the BECE examination in just first attempt, and all of these students blame their teacher or the syllabus, but the real reason behind these failures are lack of extra effort from students.

Some of these 7 reasons in which you can learn from if you want to pass BECE exam very easily. There are many students who have got a perfect grade because they follow all these reasons.

BECE stands for Basic Education Certificate Examination. It’s an annual standardized test that all students in Ghana must take to be eligible for graduation into SHS.

Although the BECE exam is an important exam for students, some find it rather stressful because at this stage of their education, most students are not yet familiar with the format of the exam, and therefore do not have an idea of how to prepare for it.

7 tips that can help students pass the BECE examination:

1.Don’t rely on Apor

2.Put aside all negative thoughts

3.Don’t wait till last minute hour

4.Form a study group of two or three

5.Study with a strategy

6.Solve past questions


Candidates in the third year of Junior High Schools (JHS) approved by the Ghana Education Service (GES) are eligible to register to take part in this examination in October 2022.

Grading of Candidates

The Office of the West Africa Examinations Council (WAEC) is responsible for setting the grade standards for each unit in the BECE examinations.

Grade standards are set for each subject according to which successful candidates will be able to achieve in order to fulfill the requirements for their particular educational program.

A nine-point numerical scale is used in grading the candidates with Grade 1 been the highest performance and Grade 9 the lowest.

The following are the subjects available to candidates:

  • English Language
  • Ghanaian Language and Culture
  • Social Studies
  • Integrated Science
  • Mathematics
  • Basic Design and Technology
  • Religious & Moral Education
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • French (optional)


This is also covered in Continuous Assessment forms 30% whilst the external examination forms 70% of the total assessment


BECE School – The West African Examinations Council – Ghana



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