British officials release date for King Charles III’s coronation

British officials release date for King Charles III's coronation
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The Coronation of King Charles III: What to Expect

The British monarchy takes center stage this week as Prince Charles will be crowned king in an elaborate ceremony in London on On Wednesday, U.K. officials announced that Prince Charles is expected to officially be crowned on June 3, 2023.

Although some are looking forward to the coronation, it’s certain to be an unusual occasion with the pass away of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Here’s everything you need to know about the event and how you can watch it live online or streaming via TV or radio broadcasts from around the world.

An introduction to the Royal family

The first grandchild of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh, and Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Charles was born at Buckingham Palace.

Charles became the heir apparent when his mother ascension to the throne and his grandfather’s death occurred when he was four years old. He was educated at Gordonstoun School in Scotland and Cambridge University.

His wife Camila is currently the queen consort, and his son Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton has added Princess of Wales to her title. Prince William is the next in line.

History of the ceremony

A coronation is a ceremony marking the beginning of a monarch’s reign. The last coronation in Britain was for Queen Elizabeth II, who was crowned on June 2nd 1953.

Today, I’ll be discussing what will happen during the coronation ceremony for her son and heir, Prince Charles, when he takes the throne as King.

Who will attend?

While many heads of state will likely attend, the majority will be from the Commonwealth realms. A few European royals may also attend, most notably members of the Spanish and Dutch royal families.

When is it?

Even though he formally ascended to the throne last month after Queen Elizabeth passed away, it will be the official start of his reign.
Prince Charles will be the oldest monarch in British history when he is crowned at age 73 (November 14, 1948).

Where will it be held?

King Charles III’s coronation has yet to be announced. However, it is safe to say that the coronation will take place in Westminster Abbey.

It is traditional for the coronations of British monarchs and heirs apparent to take place in this historic church. It was also the site of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronations and her father, George VI’s coronations.

What time will it happen?

Charles will be the oldest monarch in British history when he is crowned at age 74.
The titles of Charles’ family members have been upgraded as a result of his accession to the throne.

How can I watch?

The BBC One will broadcast the coronation live on television and BBC Radio 4 will provide a full commentary.

The ceremony will take place at Westminster Abbey, with attendees including the Queen, other members of the Royal Family, Prime Minister Theresa May and many more people from Africa and the world.


What is the date of the coronation?

The coronation will take place on Wednesday, June 3, 2023

What happens during the coronation?

The ceremony will begin with a procession from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey. Once inside Westminster Abbey, there will be prayers and readings before the Archbishop of Canterbury leads the monarch in taking their vows and being crowned by spiritual leaders.


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