Deactivation of sim cards today: customers react

NCA releases punitive actions for non-registered SIM cards
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Deactivation of sim cards today: customers react

The deadline of the deactivation of sim cards has been reached today and reactions have been mixed. Some customers have responded to the news with shock, while others are surprised that they haven’t heard anything from their provider yet.

It seems as though most people simply don’t know what to think about the deadline, and some people have even been kind enough to help those around them prepare by deactivating their sim cards on their behalf before the cut-off date arrived.

What is going on?

Today is the deadline for deactivation of sim cards and customers are not happy. Many people rely on their phones for work and personal life and to be without a working phone is a huge inconvenience.

Some people are trying to get new sim cards, but are having trouble because of the high demand. Overall, people are frustrated and angry at the situation.

What are they doing?

Today is the deadline for deactivation of sim cards and customers are not happy. Many are scrambling to find a new service provider, while others are trying to figure out how to keep their current service.

Some are even threatening to switch to a different company altogether. Whatever the case, it’s clear that customers are not happy with this decision.

Why are they doing it?

Many people are wondering why their phone service providers are deactivating their SIM cards today. The deadline for this was supposed to be longer than the given time, but it seems that many providers have decided to do it today instead.

Some customers are angry, while others are simply curious. Many people are speculating that the reason for this is because the government is planning to roll out a new system that will work with the Ghana Card soon and they want everyone to be on it. Whether or not this is true, we will have to wait and see.

How do I know if I am affected?

If you are an MTN, Vodafone and Airtel/Tigo customer, your SIM card will be deactivated today. This is because the Telecoms is shutting down sim cards that have not been registered with the Ghana Card.

As a result, any phone that uses a SIM card will no longer be able to make calls or use data.

How will this affect me?

Today is the deadline for deactivation of sim cards. This will affect me because I will no longer have service on my phone. I will have to go to a store and get a new SIM card.

I may have to pay a fee for this. I may also have to change my phone number.

How can I prevent my sim card from being deactivated?

If you’re a customer of a cell phone service provider, there’s a chance your sim card will be deactivated today. This is because the deadline for a government order to deactivate all unregistered sim cards is today.

While this may cause some inconvenience, there are steps you can take to prevent your sim card from being deactivated. This is done by reaching out your customer care or meeting an agent from the telecoms to activate your sim card with your Ghana Card.

Am I eligible for compensation in any way?

If your SIM card is being deactivated today, you may be wondering if you’re eligible for any compensation. Unfortunately, the answer is probably NO.

Your service provider may have given you a grace period to switch to a new SIM card, but they’re not required to do so.

And while it’s always possible that your service provider will offer some sort of loyalty discount for long-time customers, it’s not something that you can count on.

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