Desert Survival: Simple Tips That Could Save Your Life

Desert Survival: Simple Tips That Could Save Your Life
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Desert Survival: Simple Tips That Could Save Your Life

Preparing for a trip into the desert can be a real pain. There are so many things to think about and so many preparations that need to be made, especially if you’re planning on being there for any length of time.

The worst part about our desert survival guide is that there’s so much information out there that it can be hard to know exactly what you should be doing to prepare.

That’s why we’ve written this article; it’s packed with simple tips that could save your life.

When you are lost in the desert, it is easy to panic and forget what you learned. These simple tips could save your life.

How long could you survive in the desert? What would happen to your body if you found yourself in a remote place with no water?

Knowing how to survive in a desert is extremely important, especially if you live in a hot climate.

In this blog post, I’ll share some tips that could save your life if the worst happens, and you get lost out in the desert.

Simplify Your Survival Strategy With These Tips For When You’re Stranded In The Desert

If you find yourself lost in the desert with no water or food, you’ll need to plan your next steps carefully if you want to survive.

The desert can be very unforgiving and even the smallest mistake can have huge consequences, so it’s important to prepare yourself beforehand to increase your chances of returning home safe and sound.

Here are some essential tips that could save your life if you ever find yourself stranded in the desert with no water or food on hand.

Keep Calm And Carry On

If you find yourself in a desert and running out of water, keep a level head and maintain your self-control. Panic is not useful; staying cool will help you make better decisions.

Keep in mind that there are only two things to worry about: finding food and water. Everything else is secondary, including getting to shelter or worrying about wildlife or heat exhaustion.

Deal with those as they come up but don’t let them distract you from your primary goal of staying alive.

How To Get Water From Soil?

If you find yourself in a situation where there is no fresh water available, then you may have to rely on moisture from the ground.

It’s easy to assume that we can simply dig down and drink some of it but many survivalists will tell you that unless there has been a lot of rain recently then it won’t be safe.

What Do I Eat?

If you find yourself stranded in a desert, your number one priority is to hydrate, so eat foods that are good sources of water.

They might not taste great, but drinking them will help you stay hydrated. Good options include raisins and dates (among other dried fruits), as well as almonds and milk.

You could also try putting some sugar or jelly into your water to make it more palatable while keeping it hydrating.

Learn How To Signal For Help

Use any sort of reflective object or piece of clothing to help rescuers spot you. Ideally, use something that doesn’t require your hands (so you can keep them warm).

Inexpensive mirrors work well in a pinch; simply fasten it to your body with duct tape. Reflecting panels on backpacks and tents also can help to catch your would-be rescuer’s eye.

This is covered in Desert Survival: Simple Tips That Could Save Your Life

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