Download Questions & Answers Book for GES Promotion Aptitude Test

GES Promotion Aptitude Test
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 Questions & Answers Book for GES Promotion Aptitude Test

All You Need to Know About the GES Promotion Aptitude Test

Preparing yourself to ace the GES Promotion Aptitude Test is never easy, especially if you’re not sure what to expect or what kinds of questions are likely to be on the test.

That’s why you need to read through this book! It has all the information you need to understand exactly what GES wants from you and how to deliver it in order to earn your promotion.

Inside, you’ll find answers and explanations to these questions and more.

Type of questions asked in the test

There are a number of different types of questions in the Promotion Aptitude Test. Below is a list of some sample questions that you may encounter. This book will help you to equip yourself with likely examinable questions. Download the Aptitude Test book by clicking on the link below:


Number of test questions asked in each section

General Awareness (3), Numerical Ability (3), English Language (2), Logical Reasoning and Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning (1 each).

The exam is conducted in an objective format. Duration of examination is 90 minutes. Total marks for examination are 200.

There will be no negative marking for wrong answers, so students can afford to guess. Only basic knowledge of arithmetic is required for numerical ability section, as no complex mathematical formulae are involved in solving problems in that section.

Types of questions asked in each section

Most promotional exams have four sections. Most questions will ask a combination of quantitative, qualitative, and general knowledge questions in each section. Here’s an outline of what you can expect: Click to Download for free


Tips to perform well in tests

If you wish to perform well in tests, it is important for you not only to practice a lot before hand but also keep yourself hydrated.

A number of studies have shown that drinking plenty of water can lead to substantial improvement in mental performance.

The increased availability of oxygenated blood improves your brain’s ability to process information quickly and efficiently. This, in turn, improves your scores in any exam by quite a few marks!

GES made it possible for teaching and non-teaching employees to apply for promotions within the organization.

The majority of the queries revolve around the teaching profession and education study programs.

This is covered in Questions & Answers Book for GES Promotion Aptitude Test


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