Dribbling of hot water into babies’ genitals is dangerous – Paediatrician

Dribbling of hot water into babies' genitals is dangerous.
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Dribbling of hot water into babies’ genitals is dangerous.

According to a pediatrician, dribbling hot water into a baby’s genitalia is harmful. Dr. Amma Benin, a pediatrician at the International Maritime Hospital (IMaH) in Tema, has cautioned mothers and society to stop the old cultural custom of dripping hot water into infants’ genitalia.

The International Maritime Hospital (IMaH) in Tema’s paediatrician, Dr. Amma Benin, has issued a warning.

She went on to say that in order for the baby to pass stool, some moms and grandmothers frequently drip hot water into the male and female anals.

She said, “These actions could result in burns or even serious issues for the baby.” “Cultural practices that affect child health” was the subject of Dr. Benin’s counsel during the weekly “Your Health! Our Collective Responsibility!

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Dr. Benin emphasized that “if your baby cannot pass stool for some time, bring the baby to the hospital because there are medications that will be given to the baby” and cautioned against giving babies alcohol and other conventional medications when they are unable to pass feces.

She stated that babies who were nursed exclusively for six months typically did not experience constipation.

“Typically, babies who receive formula regularly experience more constipation than babies who are exclusively breastfed.”

While some of society’s customs are safe for babies, others, according to Dr. Benin, could be harmful.

She urged moms to apply for the National Health Insurance Card for both themselves and their infants so they can receive free hospital access whenever a medical emergency arises.

Dr. Benin said that during the scan, checks on the physical development of the foetus are made, and certain congenital disorders, as well as major anatomical abnormalities, were also identified.

She also encouraged pregnant women to prioritize anomaly scan sessions, which are conducted to check the well-being of the unborn baby and performed around the 20th week of pregnancy to detect potential defects in the baby the mother is carrying.


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