GH¢700 Million Tax Evasion: Closure of Chinese Cement Factory

GH¢700 Million Tax Evasion: Closure of Chinese Cement Factory
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GH¢700 Million Tax Evasion: Closure of Chinese Cement Factory

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) recently took action against a Chinese-owned cement factory for alleged tax evasion amounting to GH¢700 million. The factory, whose name was not mentioned in the search results, was shut down as a result of the investigation conducted by the GRA.

Tax evasion is a serious offense that undermines the economic stability and development of a country. The GRA, as the tax authority in Ghana, is responsible for ensuring compliance with tax laws and regulations. In this case, they took swift action to address the alleged tax evasion by the Chinese-owned cement factory.

The closure of the cement factory serves as a strong message that tax evasion will not be tolerated in Ghana. It demonstrates the commitment of the GRA to enforce tax laws and hold businesses accountable for their tax obligations.

Such actions are essential for maintaining a fair and transparent tax system that supports the country’s economic growth and development.

While specific details about the case and the actions taken by the GRA are not available in the search results, the closure of the cement factory highlights the importance of tax compliance for businesses operating in Ghana. It also emphasizes the role of the GRA in ensuring that all entities, regardless of their ownership, fulfill their tax responsibilities.

Tax evasion not only deprives the government of much-needed revenue but also creates an unfair advantage for non-compliant businesses. By taking action against tax evasion, the GRA aims to create a level playing field for all businesses and promote a culture of tax compliance in Ghana.

It is important to note that the information provided is based on the available search results, and further details about the case may be found through official news sources or statements from the GRA.


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