Ghana to Write WASSCE Alone: WAEC Announces Major Change

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Ghana to Write WASSCE Alone: WAEC Announces Major Change

After years of preparation, the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has finally announced that Ghana will be writing the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) alone in the year 2022.

This means that Ghana will no longer share the exams with its fellow West African countries but will now write their own examinations in all subjects and in all divisions.

How it works in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the West African Examination Council (WAEC) is responsible for writing and administering the WASSCE.

However, due to Ghana’s success in recent years, WAEC has announced that Ghana will be writing the exam alone from 2022 onwards.

This change has been met with mixed reactions from students and parents across Nigeria. Some are worried that their children will not be able to compete with Ghanaian students, who are used to a different educational system.

What are the implications?

The announcement by WAEC that Ghana will now be writing the WASSCE alone has major implications.

First, it means that Ghanaian students will no longer have their results compared with those of other countries.

Second, it also means that the country’s pass rate will likely go up, as students will no longer be held to the same standards as their peers in other countries.

Third, it could also lead to more cheating, as students may feel more pressure to pass if they know they are the only ones being tested.

What are the arguments on both sides?

Some people argue that this is a good move because it will allow Ghanaian students to be better prepared for the test. Others argue that this is a bad move because it could lead to cheating and/or increased pressure on students.

This is covered in Ghana writing the exam alone

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