Ghana’s efforts to regulate cybersecurity awareness in 2022.

Ghana's efforts to regulate cybersecurity awareness in 2022.
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Ghana’s efforts to regulate cybersecurity awareness in 2022.

The Ghana Government wants to step up its efforts in ensuring that individuals and institutions are fully aware of the risks of cybercrime, and have the necessary information and knowledge to prevent such attacks from happening on their systems in 2022.

This, they say, is to become one of the crucial factors in achieving the national goal set by the Fourth National Development Plan (2017–2022) – Ghana Beyond Aid.

This article explores why Ghana has decided to regulate cybersecurity awareness in 2022.

The Need for Regulation

On September 14, 2022, in Accra, Ghana, the acting director general of the Authority, Dr. Albert Antwi-Boasiako, said that due to the development of modern technology and the widespread use of the internet, cybercriminals have taken advantage of these developments to carry out their activities more covertly and harm people and businesses in the cruelest ways possible.

Cybersecurity threats and attacks are increasing year on year, with 2018 seeing a 68% rise globally.

With such a drastic increase, Ghana needs to start considering the need for regulation of cybersecurity awareness within the country and beyond if we’re going to stop this threat from escalating any further.

Challenges Faced

Cybersecurity is not only an issue for the developed world, but for developing countries like Ghana as well.

Despite being one of the fastest-growing economies on the continent, Ghana does not have a national cyber security policy in place and has a high number of unsecured devices.

The government has started developing a plan that will hopefully put an end to these issues by 2022.

Strategies Employed

Ghana has been working hard on a national strategy to combat cybercrime, with a focus on cybersecurity awareness, after the country was ranked the third most vulnerable nation in Africa.

Ghanaian authorities have taken an active role by collaborating with the private sector and international partners.

The country has also developed a National Cyber Security Strategy that aims at preventing and mitigating cyberattacks on its critical infrastructure, improving internet safety and fighting cyber-related crime.

The Way Forward

The United States Department of Commerce has partnered with the International Consortium of Certified Cybersecurity Professionals (IC3) to create a website called Know Your Options.

This site provides information on resources for cybercrime victims, as well as other programs that can help them recover from any damages they’ve incurred due to cybercrimes.


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