GNAT Congratulates the Pioneer: B.E.D from the Colleges of Education

GNAT Congratulates the Pioneer: B.E.D from the Colleges of Education
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GNAT Congratulates B.E.D, a Pioneer in Ghanaian Education.

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education congratulates B.E.D (The Colleges of Education) for being the first University to pioneer an undergraduate teaching program in Ghana, which started in 2018.

The Teaching Program at B.E.D will be an important part of teaching professionals capable of providing quality teaching and promoting education, especially at the grass roots level, where they are most needed to improve access to education services, mainly to the vulnerable and underserved populations living in rural areas in Ghana and Sub-Sahara Africa.

A lot has been achieved

It is with great pleasure that GNAT congratulates the pioneer of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and General program in Ghana. 

Students are willing

At GNAT, we are always eager to see the new wave of leaders who will change the face of education in this country.

We have seen many people come and go but the one person that has been consistent is the teacher, a pioneer and legend in teaching and education reform in Ghanaian colleges of education.

We are proud to know that they had such an impact on our organization and would like to congratulate them for this accomplishments so far!

Schools are willing

B.E.D is the first school to pioneer the use of tablets for education in Ghana and GNAT is excited to see this fantastic step forward towards modernizing education on the continent!

The innovative project has been well-received by students, teachers and parents alike and we hope it will inspire other schools to embrace digital teaching methods like this one.

Teachers are willing

It is with great pride and honour that GNAT congratulates the pioneer: B.E.D from the Colleges of Education for her contribution towards the development of education in Ghana.

We are so proud of what you have achieved and to be part of your journey to improve our country’s future leaders’ knowledge and skills!

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GNAT Congratulates the Pioneer: B.E.D from the Colleges of Education

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