Government reportedly withdraws 15% VAT on electricity

ECG apologises to customers for difficulty in purchasing electricity credit
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Government of Ghana Withdraws 15% VAT On Electricity

The Ghanaian government has announced the removal of the 15% Value Added Tax (VAT) on energy, a historic decision intended to reduce burdens on its people and spur economic progress. Both residential and commercial consumers who have been struggling with skyrocketing energy expenses will be relieved by this decision.

The 15% VAT on electricity had been a divisive issue when it was first introduced, with many Ghanaians complaining about the rising cost of living. The tax burdened households financially and also impeded the expansion of businesses, forcing some to close or reduce staff.

The administration moved quickly to fix the problem after realising how negatively the VAT was affecting the price of electricity. The Ghanaian government’s decision to remove this tax is a component of a larger plan to reduce financial hardship for its people and promote economic expansion. The government wants to lower the cost of power in order to attract investment, increase productivity, and raise everyone’s standard of living in Ghana.

The public has overwhelmingly applauded this action, seeing it as a step in the direction of a more just and sustainable economy. Residents expect that by paying less for power, they would be able to devote more of their hard-earned money to other essentials like healthcare, education, and basic necessities.

Furthermore, it is anticipated that the elimination of the electricity VAT will draw in international capital and support the expansion of regional companies. Now that energy prices are lower, business owners can devote more funds to expansion, innovation, and employment development. Consequently, this will foster a more resilient and dynamic economy.

The Ghanaian government’s move to remove the 15% electricity VAT is indicative of its dedication to the well-being and prosperity of its people. Through reducing the cost burden on individuals and companies, the government is creating an atmosphere that supports expansion, advancement, and higher living standards. This audacious action creates a precedent for other countries to think about taking comparable actions to improve their economy and inhabitants’ quality of life.


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