H.E. Dr. Bawumia makes the case for the Ghana Card

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H.E. Dr. Bawumia makes the case for the Ghana Card

A senior government official has said it will be cheaper to use the Ghana Card than to build 1,000 road interchanges across the country over the next 30 years.

The Vice President’s comments came at a business forum in the capital, Accra, where he reiterated his commitment to using technology to speed up payments of taxes and other fees with the smart card.

The vision behind Ghana card

The Ghana card is a new initiative that will help to streamline payments and reduce corruption. The card will be linked to a person’s identity, and will be used for everything from paying taxes to receiving government benefits.

The goal is to make it easier for people to access services and receive payments, while also reducing fraudulent activity.

When Will It Happen?

The Ghana Card is set to replace the existing National Identification System (NIDS), which was implemented in 2006. The new system will be phased in over a period of three years, with the first phase beginning in 2019/2020.

The national card project is expected to cost $55 million USD and has been in development since 2014. It’s unclear when the second phase will take place or how much it will cost.

Who Should Be Getting One

The Ghana Card is a national ID card that every Ghanaian citizen over the age of eighteen should be getting.

The card will have your biometric information, as well as other important information like your address and date of birth. It will be used for things like identification, voting, and accessing government services.

Where To Get One

The Registration officials will be at the following GRA/RGD offices:
  • TIN Centre, Registrar-General’s Department, Accra.
  • TIN Centre, Customs Long Room, Tema.
  • TIN Centre, NIA office, Kumasi.
  • TIN Centre, NIA office, Sunyani.
  • TIN Centre, NIA office, Volta.
  • TIN Centre, NIA office, Northern.

The Benefits of Having One

It will simplify the process of issuing and renewing a driver’s license as well as handling requests for the international driver’s license validation.

It will fortify foreign missions in Ghana to deliver essential services to foreign nationals residing there.

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