How To Request For A Transcript At The University Of Cape Coast

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How to get your academic transcript from the University of Cape Coast

Requesting your academic transcript from the University of Cape Coast (UCC) may seem like an easy thing to do, but actually it’s a little difficult if you don’t have the right steps to follow.

Your academic transcript plays a big role in getting into other courses, higher studies or even employment after graduation, so you need to take care of it well and make sure it’s always up-to-date.

Here are the steps on how to get your academic transcript from the University of Cape Coast.

How to Get an Academic Transcript From UCC

The Registrar’s Office, University of Cape Coast, is where you go if you want a copy of your academic transcript. You can either request for a hard copy or an electronic one.

To request for a hard copy, take your identity card or students ID and fill out an application form provided by them. When you have done that, pay for it with cash or bank draft in favour of the Registrar or in the name of the school.

Obtaining a Transcript

If you are unable to access your transcript or need a replacement or reissued copy of a lost, damaged, or stolen document (transcripts and diploma only), you may request it in writing by filling out and submitting one of these forms: Transcript Request Form or D Replacement Form.

Why Seek Transcripts?

Transcripts are documents that contain details on a student’s entire college or university history.

In today’s job market, employers are often seeking these documents in order to verify previous work experience and academic record for future employees.

Since there is so much riding on an individual’s transcripts, it only makes sense that students be able to easily retrieve these records whenever they need them.

Steps on Getting Transcripts

Requesting transcripts is a simple process. Requesting an official UCC transcript may be completed via postal mail, or in person at Admissions & Records (AR) on campus.

All requests must be accompanied by a signed request form and payment per processing method. If you do not already have an electronic/paperless record, please request that as well.

The steps are outlined below

An official transcript serves as a summary of a student’s time at the University of Cape Coast. It displays all assignments and semester grades for all courses attended at the University.

Things to think about before requesting your transcript.

  • You can apply for a transcript when a school or a workplace demands for it.
  • A transcript will only be sent to a school address or a corporate entity’s address
  • Provide a valid Telephone number
  • The programme pursued
  • Provide your index number
  • Provide your name as it appears on your certificate
  • Pay through a valid credit card or mobile money

Click to Request for a transcript


Transcripts are issued by your Faculties. To know where you can find these, visit their respective websites Click to Request for a transcript and/or follow them on Facebook.

In addition, please remember that transcripts are only issued at end of semesters and after you have satisfied all financial obligations to UCC (e.g., withdrawn credits).

Should you be under an offer for admission and need your transcript before such time, kindly contact us at

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