How your forehead reveals your true personality traits

How your forehead reveals your true personality traits
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How your forehead reveals your true personality traits

Your forehead reveals more about your personality than you realize, experts say. Just take a look at the wrinkles you have between your eyebrows the more of them, the more uptight and anxious you are, experts said.

The creases in your forehead may also reveal how approachable and open you are, as well as whether you’re creative or logical in nature.

A study published in the journal PLOS One found that self-centered people tend to have wrinkles above their eyes and to the side of their nose, while those who are outwardly focused have frown lines between their eyes and on the sides of their forehead.


Every person has a different forehead and every person’s thoughts are unique. Your personality is more than just the typical labels of introvert or extrovert, it is determined by the way you interact with others, and as a result, revealed on your forehead.

When you make eye contact with someone there are some telltale signs that can help determine if they’re an introvert or extrovert. Introverts look down to make eye contact while extroverts tend to look up.


As fascinating as some of the research on our foreheads may be, none of us have time to sit around trying to figure out what each one means.

So we simplified it for you. Here’s how every wrinkle and crease in your forehead relates to a particular characteristic or mindset:

The majority of wrinkles and creases at the bottom half of the forehead – from just over the nose to halfway across – relate primarily to worry and anxiety.


The shape of one’s head and the width between their eyebrows has been said to be an indicator of various aspects of personality. Let’s take a look at some, shall we?

1) For example, if you have wide eyebrows that are far apart then it is said that you are outgoing and charismatic.

However, people with narrow eyes who have small creases in their forehead usually have introverted personalities.

This can also depend on the angle at which one is looking at the individual and where they’re standing.


Every part of our body can tell a story about us. The shape of your face, the size of your nose, and the curve of your ears have all been linked to various personality traits.

This includes the small patch we cover with the thin layer of skin known as our foreheads.
Foreheads provide a range of information that may not be outwardly visible on first glance.


1. People with a receding hairline usually have sensitive skin, they need to be careful about the things they put on their skin as most beauty products contain harsh chemicals and fragrances that could cause an allergic reaction.

 2. People with a receding hairline are easygoing, friendly and compassionate which means that people often come to them for advice.


Your forehead and eyebrows tell a lot about what you’re like as a person. Keep reading to find out what they say about you!
We asked 100 people how the way their eyebrows sit and where their eyebrows meet show how they feel when they interact with others.

The majority of them felt great when they interacted with others and relaxed, while some people’s moods changed depending on their interaction style with other people.

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