I don’t regret choosing Ghana over Spain – Inaki Williams

I don’t regret choosing Ghana over Spain” - Inaki Williams
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I don’t regret choosing Ghana over Spain – Inaki Williams

The gifted forward for Athletic Bilbao, Inaki Williams, recently made news when he said he was happy he chose Ghana over his own Spain.

It was not an easy choice to represent Spain, his birthplace and upbringing, rather than his motherland of Ghana. Williams thinks that was the best decision for him, though.

Williams was deeply rooted in his African heritage as a child growing up in Bilbao, Spain, where he was born to a Liberian mother and a Ghanaian father. Williams felt more like a Ghanaian even though he was being watched by Spanish youth teams and even got invitations to play for the Spanish national team. He feels that choosing to represent Ghana is a chance to respect his family and pay tribute to his history.

Williams has always taken pride in his African ancestry and believes that his Ghanaian ancestry helped to mold him into the athlete and person he is today. He aspires to encourage future African athletes to follow their aspirations and is passionate about representing Ghana on the global arena.

The attacker agrees that playing for the Spanish national team would have been an incredible experience and that Spain has a long history in football. But he cherishes the opportunity to represent Ghana and thinks it’s a special experience that’s improved his life on and off the field.

Williams has gained the support of the Ghanaian football community and is fast becoming a darling among the supporters. Both his teammates and supporters praise him for his commitment to the game and his passion for it. He has established himself as a tough player by routinely turning up standout performances for his club and his nation.

Williams says with confidence, “I don’t regret choosing Ghana over Spain,” as he mulls over his choice. He feels that he made the right decision since it allowed him to stay connected to his roots and improve the lives of young African athletes. Inaki Williams is a wonderful example of a person who made a choice that accurately reflected who he is by following his heart.


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