Jehovah’s Witnesses To Resume Door-to-Door Ministry

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After a Year of Pandemic Restrictions, Jehovah’s Witnesses Will Resume Door-to-Door Ministry.

After nearly a year of pandemic restrictions that kept Jehovah’s Witnesses from door-to-door ministry in some areas across the length and breath of the continent.

Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide will resume their ministry of sharing the Bible’s lifesaving message and providing Kingdom-preaching programs to help people learn more about the Bible and God’s purpose for mankind.

This new phase of the worldwide preaching work will begins today Thursday, September 1, 2022, when tens of thousands of Witnesses begin going from house to house in all the earth to do just that including in many locations where no one has preached from house to house in months.

What are some examples?

We are happy to announce that after careful consideration, we have determined that it is appropriate for our members to resume sharing Bible literature and our religious beliefs with interested people. We will take many precautions to reduce the risks posed by pandemics.

Why were the restrictions implemented?

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, authorities in many countries imposed restrictions on door-to-door activity. These measures were implemented to prevent transmission among those in close contact with one another.

In order to provide guidelines for members in affected areas and avoid causing needless misunderstanding and inconveniences among our neighbors, we have established new provisions.

# There will be no door-to-door activity at all within a 100 meter radius from any point where someone is infected with COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the long term forecast for this religious community?

From what I have read from the article, it seems that Jehovah’s witnesses are expecting an increase in growth after being unable to complete their door-to-door ministry for a year now.

Recent years there has been more cooperation between the community and many changes have been made to accommodate new requirements for Bible sharing.

I think with this collaboration, more attention will be brought to the religious group and ultimately their population will continue to grow in Christ.

What can other organizations learn from this example?

Many organizations will likely not be prepared to resume full operations on Day 1 following a pandemic emergency. To be ready for the unpredictable, put your pandemic emergency plan in place before an emergency occurs.

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