Kwahu Paragliding Festival – 2023 launched

Kwahu Paragliding Festival - 2023 launched
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Kwahu Paragliding Festival – 2023 launched.

Kwahu Easter is an annual Easter event held in Ghana’s Eastern Region’s Kwahu South District. Every Easter, people of all ages and nationalities swarm to the Kwahu Hills to enjoy the three-day celebration.

This festival, which is a celebration of the Chiefs and people and takes place annually, is observed in all Kwahu communities.

Although originally a Christian holiday commemorating the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, Kwahus use it as a reunion. It was put in place to reaffirm their dedication to the Christian faith.

Paragliding, hiking, carnivals, and traffic jams are among the activities. While it is an annual reunion for the indigenous Kwahu people, for holiday revelers it is a reason to celebrate. Also, there are performances by other artists.

The event has demonstrated over the years that Easter in Ghana cannot occur without the Kwahu Easter Paragliding Festival. The celebration, which has been held annually for the past 10 years or more, draws tourists and Ghanaians alike to the Eastern Region around Easter.

Visitors to Kwahu will be blessed with a host of health advantages from the daring and fun sport of paragliding after their trip. Due to the intense adrenaline rush experienced when flying, paragliding allows an average 150-pound person to burn 230 calories every hour.

Furthermore, it gives you more self-assurance and helps you conquer your fear of heights. You give your full attention to the task at hand when paragliding.

You lose track of all your concerns and daily distractions. You feel mentally and physically purified as a result of the strong focus and adrenaline rush.

During on their brief visit to Kwahu, tourists can also hike the Odweanoma Peak in Atibie. Tourists embark on a hiking excursion through the “Nkofieho Caves of Life” to the summit.

West Kwahu Municipal

Kwahu West Municipality is in Ghana’s Eastern Region. Nkawkaw, its administrative center, is situated northwest of Accra. Asante-Akim South District and Kwahu South District are the districts that encircle Kwahu West to the north and west, respectively.

It is bordered to the east by the Fanteakwa District and to the south by the districts of Birim North and Atiwa. Some of the tallest peaks in the Kwahu plateau can be found in the geographically distinct Kwahu West.

Nkawkaw Park, a multi-use stadium in Nkawkaw, Ghana, is a significant township attraction. It serves as Okwawu United’s home field and is primarily utilized for football games.

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Kwahu Paragliding Festival - 2023 launched


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