My husband has been sick – Widow of late John Kumah

My husband has been sick – Widow of late John Kumah
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My husband has been sick – Widow of late John Kumah

The late deputy finance minister Johnn Kumah’s wife has refuted reports that her late husband’s cause of death was food poisoning.

Apostle Lilian Kumah claims that from November of last year, her husband of eighteen years has been ill.

“Since my husband’s diagnosis in Germany, I have followed his medical journey from the beginning, and not a single doctor has ever informed me that his illness is the result of poisoning.

In an appearance on Asaase Radio in Accra on March 11, she stated, “I have all the medical reports from Germany and Ghana, and food poisoning has never been mentioned in any of the reports.”
Apostle Kumah went on to praise the late Deputy Minister’s commitment to serving the country, saying, “My husband went through pain, but he never showed that he was in pain.” During the time he was ill, he endured great discomfort in order to do all of his tasks.

“We don’t do what is convenient, we do what we are commanded to do,” is a unique mantra that served as his driving force. So he persevered [in spite of] all the suffering.

As a result, she demanded that law enforcement look into the origin of the claim that her spouse had been poisoned.

“Why should we sit down and not bring that person to justice when someone has the audacity to assert that he knows for a fact that someone like John Kumah, who has devoted almost his entire life to serving his country, was poisoned while working for his country and party (the New Patriotic Party, NPP)?

“It hurts and saddens me, and I’m not sure how best to express my frustrations about these false claims by Captain Smart. If it is true that someone who is not dead but alive claims to know how my husband (John Kumah) died and that he was poisoned, and that person has been moving around for the past three weeks, then that is concerning news.”

She encouraged the government to “bring that wicked person to book, prove his false claims, and point out the persons who were involved in the poisoning of my late husband, if there are laws in this country concerning such false claims.”


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