Okada rider jailed 15 years for snatching mobile phone in front of IGP

Okada rider jailed 15 years for snatching mobile phone in front of IGP
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Okada rider jailed 15 years for snatching mobile phone in front of IGP.

The incident was coincidentally spotted by the Inspector General of Police, Dr. Geroge Akuffo Dampare, and his bodyguards as they were returning from routine observational duties, according to

An okada rider in Ghana has recently been sentenced to 15 years in jail after he was caught snatching a phone from a pedestrian in front of the Inspector General of Police (IGP). This is the first time a crime has been committed in such close proximity to the IGP and it has sparked conversations about how to tackle the rising levels of crime in the country.

In this blog post, we will explore the incident in more detail and discuss its implications.

“Emmanuel Waki, also known as Pocket, was given a furious pursuit that resulted in the arrest of Salifu Alhaji, another rider on the Okada, who in turn helped the police apprehend Waki in Old Fadama.

“Waki entered a guilty plea of simpliciter (without explanation) before the Circuit Court on December 23. He was found guilty based on his own admission, and his punishment was postponed until today, Wednesday, January 4, 2023.

Salifu Alhaji, 24, who is also an Okada Rider and the first accused, has been remanded in custody after rejecting the conspiracy accusation brought against him.

The sentence of 15 years jail time handed down to the okada rider has generated a lot of reactions. On social media, the incident sparked an intense debate, with people expressing a wide range of opinions.
Some people thought the punishment was too harsh and that the rider should not be sent to prison for such a minor crime. They argued that the okada rider should have been given community service or asked to pay a fine instead.
On the other hand, some thought that the punishment was too lenient. They argued that a harsher punishment could serve as a warning to potential criminals and deter them from committing similar offenses.
In addition, many people argued that the rider should have been arrested by the police instead of being subjected to summary justice by the IGP himself. They said that Ghana needs to focus on strengthening its rule of law and developing its justice system.
No matter what your opinion is, it is clear that this case has raised important questions about justice in Ghana and how minor crimes should be handled.


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