Rules and Regulations for GES Promotion examinations – 2023

Inter-regional and intra-district re-posting - 2023
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Rules and Regulations for GES Promotion examinations.

The following guidelines will govern the conduct of all examinations in the GES examination. It is the duty of all concerned (Candidates, Invigilators, Supervisors and Assistant Supervisors. Monitors) to acquaint themselves with these Rules and Regulations.

1.0 Qualifying to write the GES Promotion Examination

A candidate shall qualify to write the GES Examination if:

1.1 He/She is due for promotion and has applied.

1.2 He/She has been assigned a center and a registration number.

2.0 Examination rooms and sitting arrangements

2.1 The examination will take place at approved venues which would be sent by text to the candidate.

3.0 Sitting arrangement would be by the examination manager


3.1 Identity Cards, last promotion letter and any other necessary document of the applicants will be inspected before examinations by Ghana Education Service.

4.0 Entering and Leaving the Examination Rooms

4.1       A candidate should make himself/herself available at the examination venue at least 30 minutes before commencement of the examination.

4.2       Candidates who arrive after the examination has started will not be allowed extra time to complete the paper.

4.3. A candidate shall not bring to the examination room any books, papers written information or any other unauthorized material. A candidate who is suspected of hiding unauthorized material on him/her may be asked by the invigilator to submit. himself/herself to a body search. Refusal to comply would constitute an examination offence.

4.4. Candidates may leave the examination room temporarily, but only with the permission of the invigilator. In such case, the invigilator will be required to certify that the candidates do not carry on them any unauthorized material.

An attendant designated by the supervision/invigilator will accompany a candidate who allowed to leave the examination room temporarily.

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Rules and Regulations for GES Promotion examinations

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