Spotify to Allow In-App Purchases for Subscriptions, Audiobooks on iPhone

Spotify to Allow In-App Purchases
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Spotify to Allow In-App Purchases for Subscriptions, Audiobooks on iPhone

It is said that Spotify is considering expanding its in-app purchases of subscriptions and audiobooks on the iPhone platform as part of enhancing the convenience to the user.

This comes at a time the company seeks its services spread and be giving a good experience spread from within its app without having to leave towards making payments.

Now, in order for such a person to use Spotify users on the iPhone, they have to register through the web browser, this usually proves quite inconvenient. This helps the seamless users subscribing to Spotify Premium plans or purchasing audio books right through the application, without navigations to external web sources.

With the introduction of in-app subscriptions, surely user should have a streamlined experience and probably even brought in more subscribers. Ad-free listening, offline playback, high quality among other premium features that are available just at a few taps away.

This will surely make it easier and more user-friendly for the listeners to consume their favorite music and podcasts on the go.

Lastly, Spotify adding audiobooks to its in-app purchases was an anticipated move for all bookaholics and literature lover. They can shop from sprawling room of genres and buy audiobooks. The move will give listeners an option to browse and shopping of audiobooks from sprawling choice of genres, further expanding Spotify’s offerings beyond music and podcasts.

This helps in making the platform more accessible for users who have a growing preference to use audiobooks.

While this may be welcomed news for iPhone users, it is worth noting that actual implementation of in-app purchases for subscriptions and audiobooks in Spotify is still on the works. Final details, together with a timeline, are yet to be provided by the company.

In conclusion, Spotify to introduce in-app purchases for subscriptions and audiobooks on iPhone is a great way to bring convenience to users while it is expanding its services. This would make it very easy for users to subscribe and enjoy premium features of Spotify more than ever before.

Also, the addition of audiobooks will diversify Spotify’s offers and let its users have a whole audio content platform. If Spotify continues to innovate and improve on their user experience, music and book enthusiasts will look forth for a more seamless and enjoyable experience with their iPhones.

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