Street Music: Old Man Play Accordion In The Brooklyn, New York City

Playing music may be a young man’s game
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This old man plays an accordion on the streets of Brooklyn. A lot of people stopped at his music and listened for a while. This video is recorded by me on October 18, 2016 near the Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, New York City.

This is a simple post about Old Man who play the accordion in Brooklyn, New York City. With his unique style and his own music, he attracts crowds of tourists and New Yorkers alike.

The video uploaded to YouTube in March 2011 has more than 10 million views. I wanted to share this catchy video with you because it’s impressive and demonstrates how music can bring people together despite their differences in culture, race or even age

As the sun begins to set, an old man sits at a table on the corner. With his bulky accordion and slightly shaky hands, he creates a beautiful melody that instantly puts a smile on your face.

This is what I saw in Brooklyn, New York City today. I was on my way to work and I hear a man playing the accordion.

The music was so beautiful and filled the whole street. And of course, I had to look for where it came from. What a great way to start a day!

Just a few minutes away from New York, is home to a unique accordionist who plays his heart strung up tune for over 50-years.

Most people don’t spend much time observing the homeless who live on New York City’s streets, but the following video will change your perspective.

The old man in this video may be homeless, but he still has enough pride and passion to share his musical talent with the world.

While most of us would be too nervous to even try to play street music, this man plays every day with confidence and flair, proving that homelessness does not have to mean hopelessness or giving up on your dreams.

He plays outside on the same corner every day

He’s a lonely old man. He plays his accordion on the same corner every day. And people throw him coins, right into his case that’s laying open on the ground next to him.

I saw him playing one day while I was walking by in Brooklyn, New York. It broke my heart when I looked inside his case: The money didn’t amount to much, maybe $10 or so. What kind of life is that?

Everyone loves him and he loves everyone back

As he plays his accordion outside of a local store, many passersby stop to listen. Most of them are surprised to see that they know most of the songs he’s playing; it seems that nearly everyone has heard him before, even if they don’t realize it.

The man is well-known around town for his warm personality and dedication to quality street performances. He loves to share his gift with those who pass by, especially if he knows what songs they like best.

He plays every type of music

Italian, Spanish, Russian – even classical. But he’s best known for his Italian tunes.

He teaches kids how to play

Playing music may be a young man’s game, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun for all ages. You can often see homeless or street musicians playing on their instruments as they travel across town or on TV shows like America’s Got Talent.

If you have an accordion, why not start your own band? Learn how to play some of your favorite tunes with a little practice and effort. All you need is some time and some patience – most of all, have fun!

This is covered in Street Music: Old Man Play Accordion In The Brooklyn, New York City

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Street Music: Old Man Play Accordion In The Brooklyn, New York City

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