Be a Mentor: 4 Simple Steps to Change a Life

How You Can Be a Mentor and Change a Life in 4 Simple Steps

How to Be a Mentor: 4 Ways to Change Someone's Life

How You Can Be a Mentor and Change a Life in 4 Simple Steps.

As technology becomes more and more advanced, it’s also becoming more and more inaccessible to those who do not have the proper resources to use it.

The result? A divide between the haves and the have-nots; those who can use technology and those who cannot.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can help bridge this gap, particularly by becoming a mentor to someone in need! With these four simple steps, you can be on your way to helping someone who needs it.

1) Volunteer

1. Find out if there is already a mentoring program in your area. If not, start by looking online for information on what the local schools have to offer or look into the different organizations around you.

2. Find someone who wants to mentor.

3. Find someone who wants to be mentored

4. Support both mentors and those they are trying to help by volunteering or donating money!

2) Start Small

Be sure to set up your expectations with the individual you will be mentoring. Some people may need someone for social support and safety, while others may want an educational or career mentor.

The type of mentorship that is needed varies depending on the person, so find out their goals before you get started.

Don’t let meeting face-to-face prevent you from being a mentor! Social media, phone calls, texts, emails, Skype and other tools can be used to work together.

3) Reach Out

1. Reach out to an organization that works with kids.

2. The goal is to find out what the biggest need is and identify how you can best help fill it.

3. Once you’ve identified a need, reach out to the organization so they can provide some guidance on how you might be able to help, not every mentor program will be for everyone, so this step is about getting clarity on what you’re committing to!

4) Stay In Touch

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What does mentoring entail?

Being a mentor means guiding and supporting someone as they reach goals, overcome challenges, grow professionally, and more.

If you’re not sure how to be a mentor, follow these steps:

* Read about mentoring.

* Educate yourself on what mentoring is all about so you can understand the principles of being a good mentor.

* Find an opportunity.

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