Here is The Key to Satisfy Your Woman On Bed

How To Make Sex Better For Her: 8 Tips To Make Her Wet

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How to Satisfy Your Woman On Bed

Women may not always come out and say what they want, but they do expect their partner to be able to tell when something’s wrong, and right now there’s something that your woman wants more than you can ever imagine: satisfying sex!

This guide on how to satisfy your woman on bed contains all the information you need to not only give her an orgasm every time, but also bring her as much pleasure as possible through intimacy.

Learn how to please her every which way with these tips from real people who’ve been there before!

Tips For Men In Bed

The first thing you have to do is not worry about being good at it. Sex isn’t a performance, and if she tells you that you’re doing something wrong, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like you it just means that she might enjoy something a little differently than what you were giving her.

Listen up, because here are some things you can try next time.

Open Her Up Before Penetrating

This might sound odd, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to finger your woman. Most guys instinctively start by sticking their fingers in her vaginal opening without warming her up first.

That’s actually one of the worst things you can do!

This can make her tense up, which isn’t only uncomfortable but also makes it harder for you to slide your penis into her.

Kiss Her First

Before you can ever hope to satisfy your woman on bed, you need to be sure that she is satisfied before even getting her clothes off.

Kissing is a prime spot for creating intimacy and excitement in both of you, so make sure it’s not just any kiss: slow it down and really work her lips.

Once your mouths are locked, start working each other up with some gentle nibbles; don’t break away until she’s ready for more.

Touch Her All Over

The trick is to touch every inch of her body during foreplay. Women respond well when you caress their bodies, paying attention especially to key spots such as their breasts and stomachs.

Feel free to gently pinch, caress, and massage these areas. In between touching her all over, kiss her while whispering in her ear how beautiful she is.

This will keep her mind focused on sexual thoughts—and ensure that she’s begging for sex by the time you get down there.

Change Positions Frequently

Lying in one position for too long can make a person feel stiff and sore. So, change positions regularly during lovemaking sessions.

That way, you won’t mind having sex with your partner for an extended period of time.

Make Eye Contact

If you’re not already looking in your woman’s eyes as you make love, it’s time to start. Making eye contact is actually a great way to enhance your pleasure because it helps build intimacy and comfort between you and your partner.

In addition, many women find that looking into their man’s eyes during orgasm greatly intensifies their own sensations and there’s nothing sexier than knowing you can take a woman out of her body like that.

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