Ranks in GES With their Qualifications 2022/2023

Ranks in GES With their Qualifications 2022-2023

G.E.S. Directs Regional Offices To Issue Lower Ranks Promotion Letters

Ranks in GES With their Qualifications 2022/2023.

The Ghana Education Service has 13 ranks. Each of these ranks has certain requirements and job possibilities.

The Ghana Ministry of Education is in charge of the Ghana Education Service. For the promotion of teachers in the Ghanaian educational system, the Ghana Education Service Ranks are required.

The amount of education and number of years of service affect this GES rating. The positions held by teachers in Ghana’s educational system are listed below.

1. Director-General
This rank is solely based on political appointment. This means the government of the country has the liberty to appoint anyone to be the director-general.

2. Deputy Director-General
The Deputy Director-General assist the Director-General in executing their task. In Ghana, we have two deputies, one in charge of Access & Quality and The other in charge of Management services

3. Director I
The Director I rank is obtained as a result of long service. People in this rank are the divisional/regional directors.

4. Director II
The Director II can also be ascertained through long service. They are the District Directors. District Directors supervise the activities of the stakeholders in their respective districts

5. Deputy Director
Deputy Director, as the name implies is usually appointed as an assistant District director to the District Directors. This rank is also obtained through long service

6. Assistant Director I
The Assistant Director I can be appointed as Circuit supervisor or head of Senior High Schools. Long service is required to reach this rank

7. Assistant Director II
Long service, and promotion upon acquisition of a master’s degree or Ph.D. Can be appointed as a Head of basic school.

8. Principal Superintendent
long service, and entry point for first-degree holders. The minimum requirement for appointment as a teacher in the Senior High school. Now the new Minimum for appointment as a basic school teacher.

9. Senior Superintendent I
long service is required for this rank, that is, Four years of serving on the rank of Senior Superintendent II.

10. Senior Superintendent II
The entry point for Diploma certificate holders. Used to be the requirement for an appointment as a basic school teacher.

11. Superintendent, I
long service, Four years of serving on Superintendent II.

12. Superintendent II
Entry rank for (Cert A) holders.

13. Pupil-Teacher
The rank of those employed in the service with SSCE, WASSCE, AND GCE as well as those who couldn’t pass all their papers in college before employment. Previously, whether you pass all courses in college or not, you will be posted before you take steps to redeem yourself. People never do until they retire.

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