Register For UCC Sandwich Re-sit Exams

How To Register For UCC Sandwich Re-sit Exams -Check it here

Register For UCC Sandwich Re-sit Exams

This write up is to guide all UCC students on How To Register For UCC Sandwich Re-sit Exams. Candidates who have one more paper to write will find this article very useful.

As of July 2022, the UCC Sandwich Degree Results Portal has been expanded to include both UCC Sandwich and Bachelor’s Degree Resit options, allowing students to choose which degree they wish to complete at the end of their course.

This extended portal also includes all of the past years’ data, allowing students to see their own improvement over time as well as get an overall picture of the types of results achieved by students in all years. Congratulations!

You have made it through one of the most challenging courses at University of Cape Coast!

The registration period for the UCC Sandwich retake has begun on the student portal. 

Visit the student portal at  if you have references and are ready  to write those papers.

Resit Registration

You would see notice with link to sign up for retake exams on your dashboard.
If you registered and had recommendation for the first semester exams, the data has already
 been submitted. 

How To Register For UCC Sandwich Re-sit Exams

1. Purchase coupon from nearby Ghana  Commercial Bank (GCB) branch.  Each course’s coupon costs GHC 155.00.
2. Select the register link   and enter an index number into the system.
3. Press the Validate INDEX NUMBER  button to have the system verify your identity and determine whether you are eligible to take the retake exams.
4. After selecting failed course, enter  the relevant Voucher SERIAL and PIN.
5. Click the ADD COURSE button and  repeat Step with different  Voucher SERIAL and PIN if you want  to sign up for more than one course.
6. To submit for VOUCHER verification  and course registration, click the SUBMIT  button. Print the receipt, then mail it to the testing location or hall.
N.B. CoDE students who wereadmitted before 2016 and must take the exam again 
should use this system. Students accepted starting in 2016 should log in using their student portal. 
One (1) course may be purchased with one (1) voucher.
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