The Accra Zoo is set to reopen its doors to the public soon!

Accra Zoo to reopen soon – Benito Owusu-Bio

Accra Zoo to reopen soon – Benito Owusu-Bio

The Accra Zoo is set to reopen its doors to the public soon!

One of the oldest zoos in Ghana, the Accra Zoo was shut down in August 2022 by the government due to a man who was killed by a lion at the Accra Zoo.

The zoo has since undergone renovations to repair the structures, as well as new feeding strategies to improve the quality of life of its residents.

The public opening has yet to be scheduled, but we will keep you updated as soon as we know more!

This was revealed by the Deputy Minister in charge of Lands and Forestry, Mr. Benito Owusu-Bio, during a working visit to the zoo to assess the development of the zoo’s reopening, which was closed due to encroachment.

When will it open?

The zoo was closed for refurbishment in order to improve both animal welfare and visitor facilities.
Visitors can now expect a different experience with new landscaping and animals, as well as improved staff-to-guest ratios.

A newly opened animal rehabilitation centre will also be available for visitors who want to get up close and personal with some of the more timid creatures living at the zoo.

Which animals will be on display?

We will be able to see some of our most beautiful animals like elephants, lions, and giraffes. We will also see some interesting animals from around the world that are not native to Ghana like monkeys and zebras.

What new additions are there?

Accra zoo, which has been closed for renovations, will be reopening in October 2022. It will have a number of new additions: a children’s playground, an animal hospital, a new enclosure for animals and an improved infrastructure.

Additionally, the zoo has plans to increase its animal population and introduce more endangered species such as leopards and turtles.

How much will it cost?

Entry fees are GH¢5.00 for adults, and GH¢2.00 for children. To go into the zoo as a group, all members of that group should enter together and pay one fee, which will be divided between everyone who entered.

If you’re taking photos or filming, an additional GH¢5.00 fee will be charged for anyone over 18 years old, and an additional GH¢2.00 for children over 6 years old.

Is it worth a visit?

If you’re looking for an activity that’s a little more low-key than Adenta’s hustle and bustle, then we have just the right place for you.

The Accra Zoo has been closed for renovations since September 2022, but it’s finally set to open again on October 2022.

You can find some of Ghana’s most exotic animals and birds there, as well as see other cool things like trees from all over Africa.

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