Telegram Is Now Used by 700 Million People, Thanks to Its New Premium Tier

Telegram Is Now Used by 700 Million People
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Telegram Is Now Used by 700 Million People, Thanks to Its New Premium Tier

Messaging app Telegram has seen explosive growth since its launch in 2013, and now it’s becoming even more popular with the launch of its premium subscription tier.

The app, which provides encrypted messaging that’s free from government or third-party interference, already has over 170 million monthly active users.

But with the introduction of the new premium service, that number is growing rapidly — Telegram already has 30 million paid subscribers worldwide as of June 2017.

Here’s how this new premium service works, and why it has so many users so excited.

What is Telegram?

Founded in 2013, Telegram is a secure messaging app available for computers, smartphones and tablets. Telegram allows users to exchange texts, photos and videos of up to 1GB in size.

It’s free and can be used on mobile devices and desktops. Last year Telegram claimed it had 170 million active users who were sending more than 15 billion messages daily.

How it’s different from WhatsApp

Messaging app Telegram has passed another big milestone: It’s now used by more than 700 million people globally.

The company announced today that it crossed that threshold after launching a subscription service in March of last year.

That’s up from 600 million users who were active in December 2018, when Telegram was able to attract a $1.7 billion investment from Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten.

Privacy features are top notch

If privacy is your primary concern and it should be then Telegram has got you covered. Everything is encrypted end-to-end and you can set a timer on messages so they self-destruct after a certain period of time.

And with Secret Chats, users can hold truly private conversations using end-to-end encryption. Even those who intercept messages can’t read them without destroying them immediately after reading.

On top of encryption and privacy, you get tons of extra features too

Secret Chats let you send messages that self-destruct and leave no trace on our servers. You can also use an optional built-in photo verifier to let recipients know that you are who you say you are.

Last but not least, Telegram Calls let you make voice calls right from your web browser and we’re now making them free for all users too.

Everything remains ad-free and will always stay that way — at Telegram, we believe in delivering value first, with no strings attached.

The free version will never have ads

Telegram wants its users to know they’ll never have to deal with ads on their messaging platform. No matter how much it grows in popularity and it looks like it will continue growing; Telegram recently claimed that it was used by 70 million people a month users won’t ever see ads on their platform.

To raise money for development and operation costs (and thus fund its promised free service), Telegram will instead charge $1 per year for its premium tier, available starting Thursday.

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