Tips for Doing Your Nails: never be afraid of color

Tips for Doing Your Nails: never be afraid of color
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Yes, You CAN Wear Bright Nail Colors! Here’s How

Are you intimidated by the idea of wearing bright nail colors? You don’t have to be! Bright nail colors can make your nails pop, and they can even be subtle if you want them to be.

If you love bold, brightly colored nails but are afraid to try them out, then this article is for you! I’ll show you how you can wear bright nail colors without overwhelming your outfit or yourself.




Go Over the Basics

If you haven’t painted your nails since that community college painting class in 1992, then you might need to brush up on some of the basics. Review these steps for painting nails:

(1) Clean and dry fingernails;

(2) Choose a color and apply one or two coats;

(3) Apply a top coat for glossiness; (4) Let it dry.

The Best Base Coat

A quality base coat acts as a barrier between your nail and the polish. This topcoat is a great way to start painting your nails because it ensures a smooth finish and fills any ridges on your nails.

And unlike other coats, a quality base coat will actually help prevent yellowing on your nails as you wear lacquer.

Choosing Your New Color

When choosing a new color for your nails, don’t be afraid to choose something bold and bright. Keep in mind that although you might feel self-conscious when you first wear your bright new shade, once it has become more familiar to those around you (and even yourself), it will start to feel more natural and become less of an attention grabber. Most importantly: have fun with it!

The Right Tools to Use

The right tools can make or break a manicure. Invest in an inexpensive nail polish remover bottle (you’ll know why once you have one), an orange wood stick to remove hangnails and dead skin cells around your nails before applying a base coat (you can usually find them at drugstores or beauty supply stores), and steel cuticle clippers. Be sure to use gentle pressure when cutting your cuticles—if you accidentally push down too hard, it could damage them further.

Manicure Maintenance 101

To wear bold colors and designs, you’re going to need a solid base of polish. There are a few different methods for achieving a long-lasting manicure; how you go about it depends on your schedule and how often you like to switch up your polish. So keep these tips in mind before heading out to your next appointment.

This is covered in Tips for Doing Your Nails: never be afraid of color

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