University of Ghana To Sack Students With CGPA Below 1.00

University of Ghana To Sack Students With CGPA Below 1.00
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University of Ghana To Sack Students With CGPA Below 1.00

The University of Ghana recently announced a new policy that will result in the dismissal of students with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) below 1.00. This decision has sparked a lot of controversy and debate among students, faculty, and the general public.

The university’s rationale behind this policy is to maintain academic excellence and ensure that students are meeting the minimum standards required for graduation. By setting a minimum CGPA requirement, the university aims to ensure that students are actively engaged in their studies and making satisfactory progress towards their degree.

However, critics argue that this policy is too harsh and fails to take into account the various challenges that students may face during their academic journey. They argue that a low CGPA does not necessarily reflect a student’s intelligence or potential for success in their chosen field. Factors such as personal circumstances, mental health issues, or difficulty adjusting to university life can all contribute to a lower CGPA.

Some students have expressed concerns about the lack of support systems in place to help struggling students improve their academic performance. They believe that instead of outright dismissal, the university should provide resources such as tutoring, counseling, or academic workshops to help students overcome their challenges and improve their grades.

Additionally, there are concerns about the potential impact of this policy on students from disadvantaged backgrounds who may face additional barriers to academic success. Critics argue that dismissing these students could perpetuate inequality and hinder their chances of obtaining a higher education.

Supporters of the policy argue that maintaining high academic standards is crucial for the reputation and credibility of the university. They believe that by enforcing this policy, the university is ensuring that degrees awarded are truly reflective of a student’s academic achievements.

It is important to note that this policy is not unique to the University of Ghana. Many universities around the world have similar policies in place to maintain academic standards and ensure student success. However, each institution has its own specific criteria and processes for determining when a student is at risk of dismissal.

Overall, the decision by the University of Ghana to dismiss students with a CGPA below 1.00 has ignited a passionate debate about academic standards, student support, and the role of universities in shaping future generations. It remains to be seen how this policy will be implemented and whether any adjustments or accommodations will be made to address the concerns raised by students and critics.


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