Unregistered MTN Sim cards will be disconnected in Ghana after 31st July

Unregistered MTN Sim cards will be disconnected
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Unregistered MTN Sim cards will be disconnected in Ghana after 31st July


Ghanaians who have bought sim cards from MTN but have not registered their sims will be disconnected from the network after July 31st, 2022, says MTN Ghana in a release.

According to the mobile operator, all new and old customers of MTN must register their sim cards within 60 days, failing which they risk being disconnected from the network as it is an act of fraud.


Customers using unregistered sims or Sim Cappers are on high alert as Mobile Telecoms Network (MTN) warns that it would begin to disconnect its services for such customers after a transitional period of thirty one days.

The time is enough for all customers to register their devices and avoid disconnection. Despite reminders from MTN, some people still carry unregistered devices and SIM card readers, which are used by criminals in stealing personal data and access bank accounts through cloned sim cards.


MTN warns customers who use unregistered sim cards of service disruptions as they await disconnection, come July 31st, 2022.

Speaking on Thursday at a stakeholders meeting in Accra, Mr Adadevor, Senior VP Corporate Affairs said all mobile phone companies in Ghana have been instructed to deactivate any SIM card that has not been registered by their users before Saturday.

We are hoping and praying that all our customers register their sims before the said date.

You won’t be able to access internet

All non-registered SIM cards (prepaid) will be shut down automatically by our system on 30th of July, 2022.

It means you won’t have access to internet or any services. If you do not have a registered SIM card, you need to visit any MTN store before 31st of July, 2022 to get your SIM card registered and avoid being disconnected.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for using MTN service. Regards, Management Team

How to check if your SIM card is blacklisted

We are advising all our customers to check if their SIM card is blacklisted on our website. Click here and enter your mobile number to check. – Mobile Telecommunications Network (MTN) Ghana on *404# to check whether your sim card is registered or not.

Solution – Register now

As of Friday, your existing Mobile Number Portability (MNP) registration is set to expire, if you do not re-register within one month’s time.

This means that if you registered for MNP with us more than one month ago and did not re-register within a month, we are obliged to disconnect your line.

This is covered in Unregistered MTN Sim cards will be disconnected in Ghana after 31st July

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