Urgent notice: Scammers targeting pensioners

Urgent notice: Scammers targeting pensioners
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Urgent notice for pensioners: Scammers targeting your hard-earned retirement savings!

The first half of 2022 has shown that scammers will stop at nothing to take advantage of pensioners who are saving up their hard-earned retirement savings.

If you’re retired or planning to retire soon, you should be aware that even if you’re not working in the field anymore, your money is still fair game to criminals seeking to make a quick profit on it.

Here’s how you can avoid being targeted by some of the most common scams against pensioners, whether it’s done over the phone or in person at your home!

Who are these scammers?

These scammers are individuals who call and claim to be with a company that has an offer of a lifetime. They use high pressure tactics to get the person on the phone to buy something, usually timeshares or some other holiday package.

Once they have the person committed to buying something, they ask their credit card information over the phone and in many cases, this is where the scammer will come in and use stolen credit cards or go into someone’s bank account.

What can you do to protect yourself?

If you’re a senior citizen and have been targeted by a scammer, there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

First, look at the call log of your phone and see if the number that is calling you matches up with the number from Controller and Accountant-General (CAG) .

If it doesn’t match, call them back and say I want to speak to someone who is authorized to handle my affairs before giving out any personal information.

What should you do if you’ve been scammed?

The attention of the Controller and Accountant-General (CAG) has been drawn to the activities of some unscrupulous persons purporting to be staff of the Pension Directorate at the Controller and Accountant-General’s Department.

These faceless Individuals call Pensioners on phone and inform them about certain arrears owed them by government due to an oversight during a so-called computation process.

These fraudsters then ask the Pensioners to pay some amount to help process the arrears. They then ask for personal details including Ghana card, Bank Account information, MOMO account details, etc.

The Department is hereby stating categorically that it has not authorized any of its staff to facilitate any arrears or loans for any Pensioner on Government payroll and also, no staff will call and demand such information from any active worker or a Pensioner.

We take this opportunity to urge our cherished Pensioners not to disclose any personal information to anyone as you stand the risk of getting duped by these scammers.

Meanwhile, the Department has engaged the services of the security agencies to investigate, apprehend and prosecute such persons perpetrating such acts.

If you have any challenges or concerns pertaining to such unscrupulous calls, you may contact the CAGD Client Service on 0302983507.

Read Full Details Here:

We take this opportunity to urge our cherished pensioners not to disclose any personal information to anyone.


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