5 Simple Steps to Transfer Your WhatsApp Chat History from Android to iOS

Transfer Your WhatsApp Chat History from Android to iOS
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5 Simple Steps to Transfer Your WhatsApp Chat History from Android to iOS

In the old days, if you were an Android user and wanted to move your WhatsApp chat history over to your iPhone, you were out of luck.

Thankfully, that’s no longer the case! Here’s how to transfer WhatsApp chat history from Android to iOS in five simple steps.

Step 1: Export Contacts

The first thing you’ll need to do is export your contacts. To do so, open your phone’s Settings app, then tap Contacts > Export/Import.

The exact name of each option will depend on your device’s operating system (iOS and Android have slightly different names for similar features).

If you have contacts that can be transferred over directly through a service like Facebook or Google, make sure you check those boxes before exporting them.

Step 2: Install WhatsApp on New Device

Once you’ve signed into your new iPhone or iPad, head over to Google Play and download WhatsApp. Again, make sure you don’t sign in with your phone number.

If you need assistance installing it on your new device, check out our guide here.

User to Note that only Android devices running Android 5.0 or later and iPhones running iOS 15.5 or later are supported for WhatsApp chat history conversion.

When the migration takes place, both the Android phone and the iPhone must be linked to the same Wi-Fi network.

The instructions below will walk you through the procedure.

  1. On your Android phone, download the Move to iOS app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Start the ‌iPhone‌ setup process of your new (or factory reset) ‌iPhone‌.
  3. When the Apps & Data setup screen appears, select Move data from Android.
  4. On your Android phone, open the Move to iOS app and follow the onscreen instructions.
  5. On your ‌iPhone‌, tap Continue when you see the Move from Android screen, then wait for a ten-digit or six-digit code to appear.
  6. Enter the code on your Android phone, select WhatsApp on the Transfer Data screen, then tap Start.
  7. Wait for your WhatsApp history and data to be prepared for migration. Once the process is complete, you will be signed out of WhatsApp on your Android device.
  8. Once your ‌iPhone‌ is fully setup, download WhatsApp from the App Store and sign into the service using the same phone number.

Step 3: Import Contacts

The next screen will ask you if you want to import your contacts and media files. Tap Transfer My Data to continue.

Just in case something goes wrong during the import, we highly recommend that you backup your phone before continuing (this includes making a backup of all your photos as well).

All right, now let’s get back on track by tapping Transfer My Data again. A confirmation message will pop up stating that all data and settings are being transferred.

Step 4: Backup Chats on PC/Mac

There is a very easy way to backup your chat history. Simply go on your PC or Mac computer, download and install whatsapp for PC/Mac, then login with same account and start chatting online. You can choose Chats -> All Chats on menu bar at left hand side of screen.

Select all chats you want to export and click Menu->Export chats… Then choose your output format (say .txt). Here you are!

Step 5: Restore Backups to iPhone/iPad

Now that you’ve successfully backed up your iPhone/iPad and restored it on your new iPhone/iPad, it’s time to move your chats from WhatsApp Web.

For that, go to WhatsApp Web and select Settings in top-right corner. Scroll down and select Chats > Export Chat History. Select Device Only for single device transfer or select All Devices for multiple devices.

This is covered in 5 Simple Steps to Transfer Your WhatsApp Chat History from Android to iOS


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