When Will 2021 BECE Placement Be Out?

When Will 2021 BECE Placement Be Out?
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When should we expect the release of the BECE school placement?

It’s that time of year again when the BECE school placement list comes out to allow you to see where you are placed to start high school in April/September.

Unfortunately, since it has been delayed twice already, no one really knows when the results will come out!

The Ministry of Education announced that this year the BECE examination results will be delayed by two weeks due to issues with the examinations and marking of scripts.


The timeline for when the new 2022 BECE school placements are released.

When Will 2021 BECE Placement Be Out?

Students always asked when will the BECE 2022 placement will be released.Β  In this article, we will answer one of the most asked questions by completed students, When will the 2021 BECE placement be out.

Many candidates who took part in the 2021 BECE examinations have asked when the BECE placement result is coming out?

Students ask this question is very important for candidates awaiting placement into various Senior High, Technical, and Vocational Institutes to know where they are placed.

The 2021 BECE Placement will be out between 14th March 2022 and 25th March 2022.

The reason behind why waiting for the official results are important

As a parent, you are worried sick about where your child will be attending when they finish their Basic education in Ghana.

The first part of their adult life is a very important one as it is here that they will decide who they want to be and what path they will take in life.

You would like to make sure that your child gets into SHS or college with students who share similar interests and goals.

How to prepare your child for new schools

It’s that time of year, where children are preparing to enter into the SHS after (BECE). The pressure is on for both parents and children to ensure a healthy state of mind before and during the time of admission into SHS.

As you’re about to send your child off into an uncertain future, it’s important to understand how Senior schools are ranked in Ghana, so you can make sure your child attends a reputable institution.

This is covered in When Will 2021 BECE Placement Be Out?

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