YEA Community Police Assistant 2022 Apply Here

How To Apply As YEA Community Police Assistant
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Get Paid to Serve Your Community! Employment as a Police Assistant in 2022.

The Youth Employment Agency (YEA), in accordance with the YEA Act 2015 (Act 887), to supervise the development, coordination, supervision and facilitation of employment for the youth and related matters in Ghana, and in partnership with the Ghana Police Service, is hiring new personnel into the Community Protection Assistants Module as part of an effort to lower the rising rate of unemployment in the nation.

At YEA Employment, we understand that with the continued growth of cities and communities, there needs to be a constant increase in employment opportunities. Persons within the ages of 18-35 years. Minimum qualification: Senior High School education (SHS).

That’s why we’re looking for dedicated individuals to become community police assistants in 2022! As community police assistants, you will serve as important members of local law enforcement through patrolling residential areas, responding to emergency calls, and improving relations between communities and the police department.

We are seeking hard-working, self-motivated applicants that are interested in serving their communities and earning Ghc 1,500.00 per month! Fill out our application today to find out more! Apply Here

Reasons why you should consider being a police assistant

1. Gain experience working with the community.

Working in law enforcement is an incredibly gratifying experience, and being a police assistant could provide you with invaluable exposure to the public.

2. Build confidence and gain communication skills.

In your position, you will have countless opportunities for formal training on interpersonal communication skills, written correspondence, dispute resolution, etc., but also for informal training on people skills that are beneficial across all industries from handling difficult conversations or challenging conversations, to establishing empathy and building rapport with others.

How do I apply?

-Applications can be submitted online by clicking here or you can visit any YAEs location (link) and fill one out from the link
-No application fee is needed to be included with the application, but no other money needs to be submitted at the time of submission.

YEA Community Police Assistant 2022 Apply Here

How much does it pay?

While it is still unclear what an officer’s annual salary will be in 2022, the approximate annual salary for a police assistant during this period is projected to be between Ghc 1,5000.

As well as generous benefits that include dental, health and vision insurance, a retirement plan with matching funds and six weeks of paid leave per year.

The YEA Employment program provides officers with the chance to make their mark on their community while also shaping our justice system into what we want it to be.

What will I do on a daily basis?

The role of a police assistant is to assist with tasks that the police officer may not be able to do while they are on patrol.

This includes tasks like investigating thefts, accidents, vandalism and other crimes where there is minimal evidence left at the scene of the crime.

Police assistants work alongside officers and detectives by conducting interviews, analyzing evidence and creating investigative reports.

They often follow up on leads in an attempt to collect new information that will help keep the community safe.

Where would I be working?

In 2022, YEA Employment is looking for community police assistants who want to serve their communities through volunteering.

In this role, you will assist the Ghana Police Service with procedural and administrative work such as assisting citizens and pedestrians, helping on patrol or directing traffic.

The goal is that by the time you complete one year of service with YEA Employment, you’ll feel confident enough in your abilities to apply for employment with the Ghana Police Service without experience or educational requirements.


What will the day-to-day be like?

You can expect a lot of face-to-face interaction with your community. Typical assignments are attending local events, speaking to students about the role of law enforcement in society, canvassing neighborhoods and more.

Who is eligible?

Persons within the ages of 18-35 years. Minimum qualification: Senior High School education (SHS).

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